First Term ရှမ်းပြည်နယ်လွှတ်တော်မှ အတည်ပြုပြဋ္ဌာန်းပြီးသော Law relating matters to publicများ

စဉ် ဥပဒေအမှတ် ဥပဒေအမည် အတည်ပြုပြဋ္ဌာန်းသည့် မှတ်ချက်
အစည်းအဝေး အမှတ် ရက်စွဲ
1 5/2012 The Shan State Firewood Plantation Law Fouth Regular (စတုတ္ထနေ့) 28-09-2012
2 9/2013 The Shan State Systematic Running of Private Vehicles Law Seventh Regular (ဒုတိယနေ့) 10-09-2013
3 10/2013 The Shan State Development Law Seventh Regular (တတိယနေ့) 11-09-2013
4 11/2013 The Shan State Preventive and Precautionary Measures against fire and Natural Disasters Law Seventh Regular (တတိယနေ့) 11-09-2013
5 12/2013 The Shan State Systematic Production and use of Natural Fertilizers Law Seventh Regular (တတိယနေ့) 11-09-2013
6 3/2014 The Shan State Honorary Certificate and Award Presented Law Tenth Regular (ဒုတိယနေ့) 03-09-2014
7 4/2014 The Shan State Fresh Water Fisheries Law Tenth Regular (ဒုတိယနေ့) 03-09-2014
8 5/2014 The Shan State Stevedoring Lawa Tenth Regular (တတိယနေ့) 04-09-2014
9 3/2015 The Shan State Traditional Medical Practitioners and relatings to Tradational Medicine Manufacturers Law Emergency (1/2015) (ပထမနေ့) 18-08-2015
10 4/2015 The Shan State Protection against and Control of Plants and Crops Pests and Diseases Law Thirteenth Regular (ဒုတိယနေ့) 04-12-2015
11 5/2015 The Shan State Excise Duty Law Thirteenth Regular (ဒုတိယနေ့) 04-12-2015
12 ၆/၂၀၁၅ The Shan State Livestock Breeding and Systematic Herdings Law Thirteenth Regular (ဒုတိယနေ့) 04-12-2015